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Decorative Plastic is pleased and proud to present ErasisX, though similar materials are available, this one of a kind material is not available anywhere else in the world.

ErasisX is formulation and coating on artificial leather that protects the integrity of not only the top of the leather but through out the entire whole of the leather. It protects and can easily remove white board ink, stains, lip stick, eye shadow, crayon, dirt, grime and even wine, plus almost anything from products that use ErasisX.

Even more than that the ErasisX material is manufactured using a special manufacturing process that includes UV protection, Sweet protection, Fungus and Mildew protection, water protection, so as to be available for any type of use in any leather application.

ErasisX can be used to manufacture Bags, Furniture, Shoes, wallets, Marine application, Automotive material, sports items, apparel, spa covers and in any application where leather or PU is used. ErasisX will make a great substitute for any leather or PU products. It is both economical in price and usage and will make any item that uses ErasisX as a product, beautiful, unbeatable and incomparable.

It is our intention to distribute ErasisX to only one distributor in each country, we will work together with our distributor to assist in advertising both via the internet as well as in local areas as deem needed, we will apply the same price to all countries as well as discuss the retail, wholesale and mailing selling prices, so that all countries are in the same range of prices. Our objective is to help bring the consumer to you and together to ErasisX




TECHNOLOGY and DESIGN at your system service

ErasisX is an additional that we add to our Artificial Leather materials that will allow products made with our materials as furniture, marine, automotive, fashion and any general use material to be water proof, ink proof, paint proof by using only soap, water, dishwashing cloth and occasionally mind alcohol to remove any stains.

SPECIAL CLEANING Technology for your Artificial Leather

ErasisX protective finish has been designed to allow Upholstery to be cleaned again and again without damaging the look and the hand feel of the product.
ErasisX is a proven stain and abrasion resistant coating that is easy to clean and can reduce maintenance cost and will extend the life of the Upholstery.


ErasisX: protective finish has been designed to allow Upholstery to be cleaned again and again
without damaging the look and feel of the product.

ErasisXis a proven stain and abrasion resistant coating that is easy to clean and can reduce
maintenance cost and will extend the life of Upholstered materials using/inclusive of  Erasisx    

Beyond protection

ErasisX: Is a one of a kind barrier against staining, burnishing, abrasion, scuffing and blocking
and stops stains from penetrating into the vinyl surface.

ErasisX: is easy to maintain and enables common stains such as dirt and smudges

To be wiped off easily.

More difficult stains like writing ink, crayon, eye shadow, chocolate
and blood can be cleaned with mild alcohol solvent with out damaging the protective finish.

ErasisX: Normal cleaning instructions 
-  Remove ordinary dirt, stains, smudges, white board markers, pencils, removable ink pens, 
baby oil Ketchup, tea and coffee using mild soap and water solution with clean soft cloth or towel. 
-  Should the mild soap and water not totally remove the stain on the first try re do the process again. 
-  Dry with soft cloth or towel.

ErasisX: Special cleaning 
- Remove writing ink, crayon, eye shadow, chocolate, blood lipstick and hard to clean 
stains using mild alcohol solvent with clean soft cloth or towel. 
- Use mild soap and water solution with clean soft cloth or towel after using mild alcohol solvent. 
- Dry with soft cloth or towel.

ErasisX: Notes 
- It is always Important that you clean the stains as quickly as possible for best results. 
- Detergents should never be used for regular cleaning or special cleaning at any time 
- Erasisx Disclaimer; Material that have been stained and not cleaned For a period of 3 weeks plus will be more difficult to clean or to be able to Completely remove the stains or depending on the type of stain may not be removable. 
- Some ball point inks may not be removable, please take caution when trying to remove this type of ink. 

ErasisX: go beyond the casual to something special


Can be used for Fashion, Automotive Upholstery, Furniture Seating Upholstery, Headboard Covering and more.



Thickness 0.90mm x 54” width


Sold by yard: 1 yard length per one package only.






Many emboss designs available


Many colors available


1 KG for 1 Yard including the packaging



Goods to be packed by PVC Transparent Sheet inside then wrapped with Brown Kraft Paper outside with the ErasisX logo on the front and customer’s details on the back of the package. 1 yard length per one package only, approximately 1.00 KG per item.


All orders will be processed and shipped within 10-15 business days. Please check out your rates in Shipping & Payment tab. 
Please kindly note that some additional charge for shipping cost may occur depending on the import tax of each country, the charges payable by the customer.


The color of the fabric shown on the webpage may slightly differ from the actual product due to the light source, monitor quality and many more possibilities. 


For any questions or concerns, please use the link on the top of the page to contact us.