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SIERRA Color  #3 OFF White

SIERRA Color #3 OFF White

Product Code: SIERRA Color #3 OFF White
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ErasisX leather is widely used in the Fashion Industry, Lady Handbag , Jackets, Travel bag ,Suitcase, wallet, Belt, Diary cover because of the beautiful collection and soft on hand feeling same as the genuine leather, lighter weight and high durability.  ErasisX technology  was applied to OEM luxury famous fashion bag to protect dirt and allow bag to be cleaned again and again without damaging.


ErasisX leather standard

Low toxics : EN71 Part 3 (version 2013)
Cold resistant  : -20c
Flame retardant  FAMVSS  302 ,
UV (QUV) resistance   650 hrs  CFFA-2
Mildew resistance  ASTM G-21 ,
Abrasion Wyzenbeck  60000 cycles


Product categories  :   SIERRA, NUDO

Product code :  SIERRA  ErasisX Leather
Size : 1.00 mm , 54” (137cms) width
Color : White


Attention : Color, shades and emboss shown in this catalog may slightly vary from the actual product.


Description :

Erasisx protective finish has been designed to allow Upholstery to be clean again and again without damaging the look and feel of the product.

Erasisx is a proven stain and abrasion resistant coating that is easy to clean and can reduce maintenance cost and will extend the life of Upholstered materials using/inclusive of Erasisx

Thickness ( mm)                                                                                 0.80-3.00mm
Square Meter  Weight  g/m2                                                                578 @ 1.00mm
Tensile Strength –Weft kg/3cm                                                            40.00@ 1.00mm
Tensile Strength –Weft kg/3cm                                                            12.42@ 1.00mm
Tearing Strength – Weft kg/4cm                                                          3.76 @ 1.00 mm
Tearing Strength – Weft kg/4cm                                                          3.10 @ 1.00 mm
Burst Strength kg/cm2                                                                        13.00@ 1.00mm
Elongation (%) MD                                                                              36 @ 1.00mm
Elongation (%) CD                                                                              290 @ 1.00mm
Abasion Wyzenbeek                                                                            60000 cycles
Wable  WW Abrasion                               CTM                                    200 cycles (Pass)
W-Flex                                                   CFFA-10                               25000 cycles
Crock                                                     CFFA-7                                 20 cycles- No stain
UV (QUV)                                               CFFA-2                                  650 hours
Midew Resistance                                   ASTM G-21                            Pass
ErasisX Stain Test                                   CTM                                     Pass


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SIERRA Color  #3 OFF White
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